Welcome to a site celebrating an East coast Gem - Cayton Bay.
Laying just a mile or so south of Scarborough, this beautiful inlet has captured the hearts of generations.
Its tranquil beauty and rugged coastline make it a haven for all kinds of visitors.
It's not an easy place to get to - you have to be fit to climb the steep paths leading to and from the bay - but the rewards are great.

Over the years I have taken hundreds of photographs, charting the changing nature of the bay, and collected a number of postcards going back generations.

Feel free to browse the site, and if you have anything to share - memories, photos or postcards of Cayton Bay, just drop me an email.
The earliest view of Cayton Bay which I have comes from a 1908 postcard the majority are from the Fifties and Sixties.
But even in such a short space of time, changes are evident, particularly on the Wallis's (Haven) site. A new coastal road streams traffic heading for Scarborough and Bridlington where the holiday camp entertainment pavilion once stood.
Derelict for years, this grand symbol of holiday fun succumbed to the bulldozer - but not before it had a role in the film Little Voice.
So drop in, and enjoy the views of Cayton Bay; I have scanned these images at a good resolution to share them with you, and if you have any shots I don't have, please feel free to email them to me.
And if you feel like dropping me a line about your memories of Wallis's or Cayton Bay, I'd be happy to include them as well.

Hi there
I used to be a singer in the club at Wallis’s in the 1960s who sang like Frank Sinatra and introduced a young Down Syndrome boy onto the stage to sing with him.
This young man became more outgoing over the 3 years that we went to Wallis’s.
However, my wife does not remember either of them, do you?

Ray Allott.

My name is Bob and from 1965-68, I worked at Wallis's Holiday Camp under the catering manager Mr Joe Sayers, and the head cook Mrs Ann Took.
I, also worked nights in the fish and chip shop.
They were great times and every one was like one big family.
I also remember Graham Pinkeny and his band was the regular music and dance entertainment. They also had top line entertainers on in the Rendezvous club late at nights.
Mr John Petch was also a manager in the club.
I still remember those days with great fondness, as do a lot of the holiday makers, who returned each year, most for the same week or fortnight.
Great days.
Bob Jay

A visitor has asked if any one can shed light on the old sewage pumping house, which is just above the beach at Cayton Bay. It was built in the early 19th century - and if you have any more information, please email us.

A chance find has turned back the clock 60 years, to Wallis's in its heyday.
See a four-page newspaper supplement crammed with photos of the people and
acts who helped put Cayton Bay on the map, courtesy of Park Resorts Ltd's Caravan Sales Manager, Pete Gibson.

Photos from Lynn Chapman, which bring back so many happy Wallis memories...
I went to Cayton Bay for 9 years as a child -  my parents made sure we went every year in the 70s.
I loved it. and I won Miss Princess one year, stage 3; shame it's not there anymore -  I would loved to have taken my boys :-)
Most photos are us dressed in fancy dress costumes. Must have been 20 of us, all the family, went one year.
To be a kid again and back there would be a treat :-) . June 2014


This is the latest addition to the collection of old postcards, and shows Cayton Bay possibly in Edwardian times.
There are bathing huts on the beach - and also, amazingly, a motor vehicle and horse and cart.
The sign on the huts on the landing says:
Excelent (sic) bathing tents and costumes for hire.

If you have any old views - family or postcard - please email them to me for inclusion so the site can grow and reflect everyone's experience of Cayton Bay.





has kindly loaned a photo here:

[Sept 2010] KAREN HANSON
shares some lovely family moments here:

These two cards likely date from the 1930s and are by the Doncaster photographer Charles Jamson who traded as Empire View Production. They were kindly loaned by Dave Fordham.

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