It was a folded, fading piece of paper abandoned in an empty house, but for Pete Gibson it was a treasure trove.
   The four-page newspaper supplement he discovered was a time-capsule of life at Wallis's Cayton Bay holiday camp in the 50s, and a real keepsake for a man who for the past 10 years has lived, breathed and worked at Cayton Bay.
   He came here in 2002 as Entertainment Manager for Haven, and was dismayed on his arrival in March to learn that the landmark Rendezvous Club, which he'd seen boarded up in January, was gone.
   "The four years I spent here doing entertainment in The Oasis was amazing - 900 people a night, from West End style shows to game shows. I and my amazing team loved every minute of it."
More recently Pete has been promoted to sales manager at the site, and still loves the place as much as he did on the first day.
   "I even have Cayton Bay to thank for my wife and 2 lovely children; I met her when she was the club manager and I was entertainment manager. We live next door to the camp, and even if we have to leave due to work placement, we will eventually settle down in this magical little place."


Pete has kindly allowed us to use the 4-page supplement. You need Flash to view it, and you can flip the pages with your mouse, or use the control buttons. You can also enlarge the paper to full screen by clicking on the icon (lower right), and once enlarged, you can also zoom in and out using your mouse wheel.

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