Mark Patterson commemmorates Josef's anniversary with tributes on his BBC Radio Foyle show over two days.
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Thursday, October 15 saw the tenth anniversary of the death of Josef.
It's hard to believe a decade has passed since the great man passed away in Clane hospital.
Progress has been rapid in Ireland generally these past several years, and the once-compact village has now expanded enormously; it still retains its core though, and centre of the community is still the beautiful church of St Brigid.
And it was there Father Paul led Mass at 10am to the memory of Josef on this important anniversary of his death. Recently renovated after a fire, the church looked wonderful, and a special touch were the floral displays in preparation for a wedding later that day.
After Mass we visited Josef's grave in Glasnevin cemetery near the centre of Dublin.
For the past few years it has looked like a building site, with a 10-year programme of improvements under way; but we negotiated the works, and placed flowers on Josef's final resting place.

BBC Radio Foyle in Derry set aside a portion of their afternoon show, presented by Mark Patterson to commemorating Josef's life and work, and among contributors were Peter Chelsom and Adrian Dunbar from the movie Hear My Song, and Michael 'Mixy' Sheerin, whose work to have a commemorative sculpture is detailed elsewhere on the site.

You can hear the relevant portions of the broadcast by selecting a track from the player top left : tributes were paid on two shows, Wednesday and Thursday October 14 and 15.

St Brigid's Church, Clane, scene of Josef's funeral 10 years ago, and his anniversary Mass this week (October 15  2009).

Josef's marker at Glasnevin cemetery, where his cremated remains are interred, as per his wishes.

Paying my respects.