A GLITTERING OCCASION                                                                        August 27 2004

Months of hard work and dedication came to a magnificent climax on Friday, August 27 when a concert was held in Derry's wonderful Millennium Forum, who sponsored the event.
Held in order to raise funds for a sculpture commemorating Josef, the event was headlined by Derry's own Phil Coulter, and also featured a wide range of performers who gave of their services gladly for the cause. Around £18,000 was raised.
Chief guests were members of Josef's family, including wife Carmel, son Peter, daughter Yvette and his sister Anna; they were welcomed by civic leaders in the Guildhall.
The concert also marked the public showing of a new portrait of Josef, which hangs in the Forum.
Here are a selection of photographs of the occasion, taken by freelance Press photographer Margaret McLaughlin.

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Setting of the new portrait (close-up, right)
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Presentation to Mrs Carmel McLaughlin
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Honoured guests and dignitaries
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Mrs McLaughlin
BACKGROUND TO THE SCULPTURE                                                           September 6 2004
The campaign to have some form of public recognition for Josef has been spearheaded by Michael  Sheerin.
Over the last two and a half years he has driven the idea that Derry should honour the great men and women who have put his home town on the international map, and his choice of Josef reflects the worldwide love and deep affection in which Joe is held.
And although the concert was a sparkling success, with  the whole city putting its weight behind it, the campaign for a sculpture has not been an easy road for Michael.
"There were times when I would come home and wonder if it would ever happen. There were setbacks, but then I'd meet people who would say what a good idea it was, how we should celebrate the life of Joe, and it would give me the strength to go on," he said.
Michael secured the services of designer Terry Quigley, who has devised a wonderful, flowing piece in bronze and stainless steel, which rises like the swirling melody of a song, and encompasses Josef's life.
Terry Quigley is an up and coming designer from Derry.  He went to school at St Columbs College before  obtaining a Ba (Hons) in Visual Communications, and MSc  in Computing and Design from the University of Ulster.
He has gained experience over the last 2 years working  as a 3D CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) Designer, as well as lecturing at Magee, University of Ulster,  for a period.
Terry has always been keen to apply his skills to all  aspects of design and in this, his first endeavour  into monument design, has produced a piece in keeping  with the high standards set in previous work.
Executing the work of art will be Maurice Harron, who has a beautiful 5-piece work called " Let The Dance Begin" in Strabane.
Maurice (58)  was born and grew up in Derry. He studied sculpture at the Ulster College of Art and Design in Belfast. Two of his well-respected commissions are ‘Reconcilition’ / ‘Hands Across the Divide’ in Carlisle Square, Derry and the ‘Gaelic Chieftain,’ an experimental work located in the Curlew Mountains, Roscommon.
The work will be sited in a fine garden setting, outside the City Hotel in Derry, facing the Guildhall and the Foyle, where passing streams of traffic will be reminded of the contribution Josef made to Derry  itself, and his country.
The sculpture was officially unveiled on Tuesday, March 22 2005 by musician/songwriter Phil Coulter, and politician John Hume, with members of Josef's family attending.
Mr Michael SheerinMichael (pictured right) explains: "People ask me why Josef ? And it's true, Derry is rich in wonderful entertainers - it must be something in the water! But Josef was a great ambassador for the city, and we should mark in some way their contribution to our lives."

If you would like to make a contribution to the monument appeal, send your cheques to:

The Josef Locke Memorial Fund
Bank of Ireland
15 Strand Road
Derry BT48 7BT

make cheques payable to The Josef Locke Memorial Fund: quote sort code 90-49-74 and account 77015315 

NOTE: Every penny goes towards this grand cause. All involved in fund-raising are giving their services freely.
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