Memories of Frank Randle & Jimmy Clitheroe

While not strictly related to Josef, this striking story from Allan Fulcher is worth sharing, particularly given that both Frank Randle and Jimmy Clitheroe were contempories of Josef, and were also major attractions on the Blackpool scene..
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From Allan Fulcher, of Sunderland Tyne & Wear
Allan is Blackpool-bound!In 1954 when I was aged 10 my mother took me to Blackpool for a holiday. One afternoon about 6pm we were making our way along the Golden Mile on our way to see a Variety show. 
Fortunately, or unfortunately, for me I was not looking where I was going and was knocked to the ground as I walked into a man. 
He bent over to assist me getting up and at the same time he was dusting me down with a hankerchief. My mother recognised him right away it was Frank Randle. He was dressed in a suit and he had a wonderful head of wavy silver grey hair. My mother got him to sign a cigarette packet as neither of them had a peice of paper. 
He apologised for walking in to me and said he was hurrying as not to be late for the show he was starring in. 
Unfortunately I was knocked down. Fortunately I got to speak with Frank Randle. Great!
 The following day my mother and I were looking around the shops and when I turned this particular corner I bumped into a little boy and knocked him to the ground, my mother helped him to his feet and was apologising on my behalf. 
The 'little boy 'turned out to be Jimmy Clitheroe. He smiled at me and said, I wish I was as tall as you, cheerio and then walked off. 
I bet there are not many people who can say they have been knocked down by Frank Randle and have knocked down Jimmy Clitheroe! 
Allan is pictured back row, third from the right in the picture above.

You may contact Allan here.
A little about Allan
Allan and wife ElizabethI am aged 59 and took early retirement in 2001 after working in local government. I live in Sunderland Tyne & Wear and I am married to Elizabeth who is a school teacher. I was born at Wheatley Hill in County Durham that used to be a coal mining village. 
My mother took me to Blackpool every year for a holiday, it was either in the summer, or for the illuminations in the Autumn. 
The pay for coal miner then was so very little that most of the miners and their families could not afford a holiday. 
My Mam would get some of the people of the village to go to Blackpool only a few could afford it, I think it was the families that had a large family and they all worked down the coal mine were the ones who had a little money and could afford to go on holiday 
My mam would organise the bus and the guest house and in return would receive free transport to Blackpool and free lodgings

Pictured below left is Allan and his mum on the pier at Blackpool, and on the right with a smashing bike; he's wearing a 'Jimmy Clitheroe' type hat as well...

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