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Having retired from a prestigious job with McGraw-Hill, electrical expert Joe McPartland  now finds time to enjoy another great love of his life - singing. A fine tenor, with a voice which can shame many up-coming hopefuls, Joe hails from New Jersey, and has had the thrill of singing with Josef. You can see my information page about Joe here, or visit his own site and listen to samples of his CDs available at Amazon.

Joe McPartland

Visit the home page of New Jersey-based tenor Kevin Moulton, currently making a name for himself. He has also initiated a smashing Tenor's Ring. Learn about Kevin's career here Kevin Moulton
Dale Anderson is best known to the American public for his television travel and music specials. The critically acclaimed programs were billed as "the world's most beautiful music from the world's most exciting places". The shows originated from Switzerland, Germany, Mexico City, Rome, Paris and other scenic destinations.
He is a well-respected and popular  tenor who includes many Irish favourites in his repertoire, and his website can be reached here.
Click to go to Dale's site
The great entertainer, Ronnie Ronalde; Ronnie lives in New Zealand, and has written his autobiography, and is still making wonderful music. Find out about it here Ronnie Ronalde