Bonnie Mairie of Argyle: Nelson/Jeffreys

I have heard the mavis* singing
his love song to the morn
I have seen the dewdrop clinging
to the rose just newly born.

But a sweeter song has cheered me
at the evening's gentle close
and I've seen an eye still brighter
than the dewdrop on the rose

T'was  thy voice my gentle Mairie
and thine artless winning smile
that hath made this Earth an Eden
bonnie Mairie of Argyle

Though thy voice may lose its sweetness
and thine eye its brightness too
and thy step may lack its fleetness
and thine hair its sunny hue
still to me wlll thou be dearer
than all the world may own
I have loved thee for they beauty
but not for that alone

I have watched thy heart dear Mairie
and its goodness was the while
that hath made thee mine for ever
Ah! Me Mairie of Argyle

*mavis - a songthrush