Shades of Old Blarney: Stept

Shades of Old Blarney, are what ye just said
the line you are handing is turning me head
I shouldn't be listening or holding me breath
for eyes that keep glistening half scare me to death.

Ah, Shades of Old Blarney stop squeezing me hand
stop whispering things that I don't understand.
I should run away but me heart says to stay,
for Shades of Old Blarney I'm falling in love.

Shades of Old Blarney, the way that you speak
the things that you say bring a blush to me cheek.
If this be romancing, you've made a fine start
I feel fairies dancing a jig on me heart.

Ah, Shades of Old Blarney from this very day
me doubts and suspicions I'm casting away
Me heart's in the stars, smiling down from above
for Shades of Old Blarney, I'm falling in love.