Moss Empires - managers' comments card for Josef Locke


which he had on his last visit. He is nevertheless in excellent voice and appearance, singing songs from comic opera together with the old Irish and sentimental numbers. He was exceptionallyt well received and undoubtedly a personal success.
Sunderland 9/12/57 Well received. He is singing very well and all of his numbers, though mainly old, are being well liked in all parts of the house. His pianist accompanies him well. He is no longer a strong favourite here.
Notts 23/12/57 Very well received. The artiste again gives a bright and entertaining programme. His voice remains good and his repertoire is well chosen.
This unique card was part of the management records at Moss Empires. It charts the dates, and observations of theatre managers, of Josef's performances at various Moss establishments around the country. This card, from the latter end of 1957, also indicates how much of the house takings Josef was paid - in the case of Leeds he received 57 per cent of a takings bordering on 350. By today's standard, that would be equivalent to an appearance fee of some 1,000.

Here are what the managers thought:

Morecambe 23/9/57 Very good reception, this artist is still in good voice and is doing a much more straightforward act than on his previous visits, which is a great asset. Hils milking of the audience at the end of the act is still very much overdone and pointless, nevertheless he is working very well.

Leeds 25/11/57 Exceptionally well received although this artise seems to have lost his hold on the public

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